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Brief Encounter

Drama | Short Film - 14'


The ex-husband and the lover meet by chance at the grave of the woman with whom they both had a relationship.
The accidental meeting of the ex-husband and the lover of a woman at her grave. They talk about their relationship and soliloquize. The husband remembers the beautiful moments they lived and the weariness of their relationship. The lover talks about their acquaintance and how it changed his life. Did he really love her? And if so, why love did not change the course of things?


Directed, Produced, written by Dimitris Panakis

Director of Photography _____ Vasilis Stavropoulos

Editor _____ Giorgio Molvalis

Costume Designer _____ Efi Venianaki

Boom Operator, Sound Recordist _____ Constantinos Papadopoulos

Make-up Artist _____ Maria-Louiza Charalampidi

Colourist _____ Harry Oreinos

Sound Designer _____ Alexis Koukias


Ex-husband _____ Menelaos Chazarakis

Lover _____ Telemachos Krevaikas


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