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Boat of Souls

A dreamer never imprisoned

Music Video - Video Contest


Artists were amongst the first to feel the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic. The best course of action was to mobilize them and combine their creative efforts in composing a song.
27 musicians from all over the world contributed to what started out with a drum groove, guitar chords and a melody.
What makes this even more special is the fact that all music was recorded at home, using everything from smart phones to basic recording equipment. Material was sent in with a video and
put together in the studio by Little Konzett. ​
This act of togetherness has proven to be unbelievably inspiring and left us with a wonderful piece of music. Next step was a video contest. Cinecreed had being part of this unique project and complete the song by joining the contest and sharing our creative video content.

The story is simple, a little dreamer boy during his virtual lesson traveled with his mind to his favorite place a knight.


Production___________________ Cinecreed
Director | DOP | Editor_________Yiorgos Molvalis
Styling _______________________ Nefeli Louka
Color Correction _____________ Harris Oreinos


Stratos Molvalis


2nd Prize


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