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A Different Nutcracker

The b&w life becomes colored in the children's dreams

Animation | Film - 91'


A toy soldier, who also serves as a nutcracker, comes to life the night of Christmas eve and is transformed to a handsome prince. Together with the little Clara, they travel in a world of fairy tales, full of charm, innocence and tenderness. And as the nutcracker “comes to life”, the same way the immortal melodies of Tchaikovsky “come to life” thanks to an imaginative animation movie, which will touch the hearts of our young and older friends!


Direction - Animation___________ Yiorgos Molvalis

Character designer_____________ Nikos Polichronopoulos

Art Director____________________ Harris Oreinos

Chorography___________________Elena Boti | Maria Vourou

Production Manager____________ Aliki Fidetzi

Post Production________________ Cinecreed

​Conductor _____________________ Nikos Chaliasas

Music Art Director _____________ Stefanos Tsialis


1st Prize Greek Animated Film @ Athens Animfest 2020
Iris Awards Nominated for best Animated film


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